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We are a group of Diva ladies that fashion, style and living life to the fullest comes naturally. Growing up walking around in our moms shoes and sneaking in her makeup bag to reading all the fashion magazines we could get our hands on. We have loved being a Diva since a little girl and now have grown into full fledged Divas. We love it all. What better way to spend our time than with Purses, Shoes and Jewelry. It doesnt matter what size, shape, nationality, age or hair color- :) -- You are all welcome N Side A Diva's Closet. We know we are not the only ones in the world and what better way to connect with other ladies with the same love, flare and passion.

A Diva exudes class, spunk, originality and style all her own. We at N Side A Diva's closet want you to feel right at home while visiting our on-line boutique.

Its one of those moments where you walk into an extraordinarily LARGE walk in closet and there are rows and rows of designer, diva outfits, one of a kind finds, shelves and shelves of organized, luxurious, fantastic and sleek shoes, containers and fabulous jewelry boxes filled with goodies. N Side A Diva's Closet, you can relax and enjoy your style, your pzazz and a place where you feel right at home. You can sit in one of the comfy chairs with your glass of wine, or organic juice (wink, wink), light candles, or listen to your favorite get you in the mood music and pick out your outfit or try on a pair of your shoes and put on your, all of that accessories. You my friend are N Side A Diva's Closet.

N Side A Divas Closet

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